Can you play the games/stories with one cube, or will it only work with two?

Right now the real magic in Ohm's Quest is the way the two Time Radios interact with each other. By splitting information, or having different controls on different cubes, players get to collaborate, share emotions and have fun together. This is our current vision for the game.

However, single cube scenarios may be developed in the future if there is sufficient demand. We'll keep you updated.


I thought the devices should be wireless, are they supposed to connect via cables?

The game cables are used for puzzles!

There are also charging cables to keep your wireless cubes topped up and ready to roll when you are!

What is the product made out of?

The look and feel we are aiming for is definitely wood and brass. We are doing our best to avoid plastic however this will ultimately depend on the volume we succeed in selling at launch. A larger volume will give us access to nicer tooling such as metal extrusion.


What would be the youngest age you think would be able to play?

We recommend 12+ but we've seen a 9 yo complete a quest with her gramps in record time! Missions require abstract-thinking, which is a little tricky for younger players.

Will there be open code of some sort so that users can design their own stories?

Yes! We are planning to develop an online platform so that people can make and share their own adventures This platform won't be available on release though - it's going to take some time for us to build it.


Is this the cube from Hellraiser?

Nope! Don’t worry, these are not horror stories. In fact, we hadn’t heard of Hellraiser before starting to get the word out about Ohm’s Quest. While it’s a cool coincidence the Time Radios resemble that cube, it’s just that- a coincidence.


How can the game cards be “scanned” by the Time Radios?

There are RFID tags in the cards.
You may have been to a store where you can drop your purchase in the checkout bin and the items are scanned – it’s a similar concept.


Is this an Augmented Reality game?

Nope. We could of course do augmented reality but that would go against our core values: we want to offer a break from the digital world and get people together.
We want the "screen" to be your teammates' faces! :D


Do we need a new set of game cards to replay a scenario again or play on a different difficulty level?

Nope! The cards are not the answers to the puzzles they are there to help find the solutions. The cubes are the one who will provide the answer, therefore the solution can be changed between runs and the complexity of the puzzles can be adjusted.


Will the Time Radios be updateable? Can I factory reset them?

Yes, the Time Radios’ software will be updateable. They will need internet connectivity (probably through a phone app) to download new scenarios so there will be a short setup process when you want to load a newly released scenario onto your Time Radios. A similar process would be required if you want to factory reset the Time Radios. Don't worry - we’ll send you a PDF with instructions when your order is shipped.


Is there any physical game material language-dependent (like the cards)?

We are planning to keep the game cards language-independent as much as possible.


Which languages will the game be available in?

On delivery, Ohm's Quest will have voice-acting for Stories in English and French.

We hear you! A beta-version will be available in German on delivery (this means there may not yet be human voices at the time of delivery, but rather computer-generated ones. We will roll out real voices as we receive feedback from players).

We would love to add more languages if there is sufficient demand.

Want Ohm's Quest in another language? Please let us know on our Contact page.