• Allison Klopp


  • Etienne Pouget



The idea for an escape game console was born one day when Etienne walked out of a thrilling Escape Room in Barcelona and thought to himself “I wish I could play again!”. He envisioned a cube that could be unfolded with tons of hidden compartments and surprises and with help from his associate, Allison, he built it and named it “aMazingCube”, imagining it would work great for team-building events.

When the pandemic hit, the team needed to channel the discoveries made while developing the aMazingCube into a portable, consumer-friendly console that could be played anywhere. With the help of electronics guru Thierry Orlandi -  the two co-founders whipped up a prototype of a miniature aMazingCube. It was a hit!

The French Tech got on board to support the project and help take it to the next level. All the new console needed was a dreamy look to top it off – that’s when Fabien Deboves stepped into the picture. Fabien designed a sleek, steampunk design and in the meanwhile, Arthur Bourgeais drew epic illustrations to match the theme, for a polished gameplay experience.