How to Play

Step 1

Turn the key to get started & then pick your scenario.

No setup required!

Step 2

Listen closely as Ohm walks you through the process.

Round up your friends and family to help save the world!

Step 3

Use all elements of the Time Radios as you help Ohm on her quest.

Each story has 3 chapters- solve new puzzles every 5-10 minutes to progress the story.

Step 4

Once a misson has been solved, it doesn’t mean the story is over!

With an adjustable difficulty level and randomized solution for each play-through you can replay stories to try and beat your solve time.

Step 5

New content will be released every month, so sit tight and wait for your next instructions from Ohm!

Still confused? Watch a demo from our founders below:

Got questions?

If you've got any questions about our gameplay or mechanics, feel free to ask on our Facebook page or contact us using the button below:

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