The Time Radio

Let's take a closer look at the vital element for your adventures, our unique Time Radio!

 What exactly the Time Radio IS still remains a bit of a mystery. Each story has its share of surprises as you learn to use the Time Radios in new ways. 

These strange pieces of hardware are full of interfaces, both visible and hidden ones, that you will combine in various ways. Grab it and get familiar with it so you’re ready to take on Ohm’s challenges!

Wave Antenna

Your access to the quest master for hints is here!

The RFID reader can scan the provided RFID cards. Simply place the card against the reader to hear a clue!

Control Panel

Easily the most important side - the control panel boasts lights, buttons, a dial with 8 settings & a directional joystick.

Think of it as your mission control center.


Tune in! Through the speakers, you will receive your missions.Ohm's Quest's stories will also be fully voiced all the way through - so you'll never be alone on your journey. So listen closely, as a minor detail might lead you down the fast-track to solving a seemingly complex mystery.

Or... it could just be a red herring. No promises! 


Aka the mysterious side of the Time Radio. It can be used to connect cubes together and synchronize actions.

Gather your crew, you will need them!

Time Screen

The Time Screen is highly advanced for Miss Ohm’s 19th century time - showing how innovative she is! Miss Ohm can send simple images through to the Time Screen to aid you on your mission.

The time remaining before disaster strikes is displayed here too, so keep an eye on it.


The Time Radio also contains an accelerometer which means it knows what way it's facing - making some of our puzzles even more complex and interesting!

We promised you a fully immersive experience, didn't we? We meant business!

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