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Ohm's Quest | Pre-Order

Ohm's Quest | Pre-Order

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Pre-order Ohm’s Quest today!

  • Get 3 extra chapters for each base story

  • Lock in first batch delivery

What's Included:
  • 2 Time Radios
  • 3 Stories (4 Chapters each)
  • 2 game cables
  • 3 decks of game cards (one per story)
  • 2 charging cables

Time Radio dimensions: approx. 8x8x8cm

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with Miss Ohm - featuring two time radios (your consoles to interact with Miss Ohm's world), illustrated+RFID-enabled game cards and swanky cables we give you all the tools you need to solve puzzles across time and space. 

Use your time wisely and get your heads together to see Miss Ohm through each plotline. 


Please Note Expected Delivery is Q4. By placing your order now you are locking in our pre-orders exclusive price and securing first batch delivery. A survey will be sent to you prior to shipping to confirm your details and collect payment fees.

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